Okay, time to treat your lady right by showing her how much you appreciate her and care for her and love her. That's right I said love. Whether you love her company, love the way she makes you feel or simply are in love with her, show her how much that love means to you and make this a special day for her. Now that isn't to mean that this day is about a romantic girlfriend, but could also mean any girl friend whose friendship you truly cherish.


The word "girlfriend" was first coined in casual conversation back in the 1860's as it referred to a woman's female friend when she was younger. It only got the Romantic aspect slapped on it in the Roaring '20s.


Want to celebrate today's holiday? Great! The easiest thing to do is hang out with your girlfriend and share in some laughs and each other's company while expressing how much you value them and what they mean to you. Make them dinner, or take them to dinner. Make some fond memories either of you won't forget. If you want more information on today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here.

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