Now before you get the wrong idea (probably too late for some) this is not a call to Nudism, but rather a shout-out to those who work from home or a workplace with a dress-code that isn't too strict but not lax enough for nudity. This is a holiday created for those persons who dream of working a day at home (or longer) and wearing the attire they are most comfortable and relaxed wearing. I'm sure you have a favorite outfit that just relaxes and calms you, right? I have a t-shirt that was given to me by my sister from a birthday a while back, and it is the most comfortable shirt of all time and whenever I wear it I just feel at ease. These are the kind of ideal clothes for today's holiday rather than actual nudity, but if you work from home that is entirely acceptable and completely up to you.

This particular holiday was created by Lisa Kanare, an author and a home office expert, who said that the idea isn't to go naked but be comfortable. And if working from home isn't a viable option, then just wait a bit because in April (and I'll have something for this holiday) is Wear Pajamas To Work Day...and good luck getting away with that for those who do work in a dress-code strict business. If you want to learn more about today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here.

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