Welcome to yet another exciting and yet mostly unknown holiday, Uncommon Musical Instrument Awareness Day! If you're not sure about today's holiday, I'll start off by saying that it is not important enough to not to work, but it is still a fun holiday. This is a day created to bring to light the Not So Familiar instruments of the world. For example, you know what the first picture is of? Its an Omnitonic Horn. Fun right? Well, there are numerous instruments out there and don't get as much recognition has they should.

Throughout time, instruments were made in order to fill a needed gap in a musical composition or for other sound purposes for shows and such. If you feel like celebrating today's holiday, go on a do some research into the bizarre and uncommon world of musical instrumentation. What you find may just surprise, entertain and shock you. To learn more about today's holiday and other ways to celebrate click here.

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