Happy Creamsicle Day!!! Another day dedicated to a delicious food item, isn't it great? While is it unclear on to whom and when this unofficial holiday's creation is credited, it is clear that this is a great treat for the summer heat. Fun fact: The original creamsicles were vanilla ice cream covered in iced orange juice.


With modern technologies, and ever developing new tastes, the creamsicle has gone beyond the bounds of mere ice cream. There are creamsicle recipes for all sorts of treats. For example, have you had Creamsicle Cupcakes? Then why not celebrate today's holiday with some baking and eating? Try your hand at some Creamsicle Bread. Perhaps you need Creamsicle Dip for your cookies and snacks?



You know, breakfast can be had anytime of day and no breakfast is complete without Waffles (oh, yeah...creamsicle waffles). There are so many different ways to utilize the creamsicle in the kitchen. JuiceCheesecake! Truffles! Jello Mold! CAKE! There's even an adult (alcoholic) Creamsicle drink. In fact, there are several kinds you can make. Click here for a list of different Creamsicle drinks and go on ahead and choose one to make (if you're 21 years and older of course).

For more information on today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here. In the meantime,  have a sweet Creamsicle Day and celebrate to your heart's content...or until you've had your fill.

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