With certain spectacular sporting events coming up, you are probably planning to throw a party that will wow your guests and that one neighbor who complains about everything happening at your place because they can't comprehend fun or friends...you know who you are, Gertrude...Its not too loud, you're just lonely. You still have your parking spot and don't need the whole block free in order to adequately park. And you have labeled the lawn boundary enough that I know when trash is on my side and not yours!...I lost my train of thought...Wait, yes! Fun, festivities, snacks and drinks for your group as you watch your favorite team (or fallback team because your OG couldn't cut it) go head to head against other football powerhouses on the AstroTurf.

Do you have your snacks ready or thought out? Let's face it, no party for any football game is complete without Dip. Of course you can't have any party really without something fantastically savory to submerge a chip into for a most satisfactory consumption. Here is a list of good dip choices along with a good recipe for either instruction or example.
- Queso
- 7 Layer Dip
- Ceviche
- Spinach & Artichoke
- Salsa Verde
- Crab Dip
- Guacamole
- Veggie Dip
- Wing Dip

Hopefully some of those will help you out or give you an idea of what to serve. Now that we have dips out of the way, perhaps its time we move on to another staple of Sports Party Snackage. I'm talking about wings. Now, everyone has a different level of spice tolerance when it comes to wings and I am no different. I find that the best kind of wing is both super spicy and super flavorful, but that combination isn't easy to pull off. I think the easiest way to have spicy and flavorful is to have a combination of spicy and sweet. So with that in mind, here are some sweet and spicy wing options for you to choose from.
- Sweet 'N' Spicy Wings
- Jalapeno Chicken Wings
- Honey Habanero Wings
- Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Baked Wings

I'll let you decide what other snacks you think are appropriate, but hopefully these will get you started. Now that food has been done its time to movie on to drinks. Now, you can have beer and be content and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, you're saving a bunch of time if you go out buy the beer and drink is as you watch your team destroy the competition, or drink as you sink into the depths of despair along with your struggling team. However, as someone who has not the taste for beer I find that there are other liquor options that can be just as fun to make as they are to enjoy. Like the Pillsbury of Alcohol, if that helps gives you an idea. So, here are some great cocktails and mixed drink recipes for your Football Event Celebration.

Big Game Shandy (original source #11)
10 oz Hornitos Plata Tequila
24 oz Lemonade (fresh)
12 oz Mexican Lager
2 oz Lime Juice (fresh)
How To:
Combine all the ingredients into a pitcher with ice and stir. Then divide into several cups, or just drink from the pitcher if cups are too mainstream.

Game Day Peach Sour (original source)
2 oz Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey
1 oz DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps Liqueur
1/8 oz (1 splash) Sour Mix
How To:
Combine ingredients into a shaker with NO ice and shake well, then strain into a glass with ice.

Blood, Sweat & Tears Cocktail (original source)
2 oz Tequila Blanco
1 oz Chipotle Honey Syrup
1/2 oz Blood Orange Juice
1/2 oz Lime Juice
How To:
Combine ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake well, and then strain into a chilled glass.

Trifecta Cocktail (original source)
1/2 oz Fortified Wine
1 & 1/2 oz Light Rum
2 tsp Lemon Juice
How To:
Combine ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake well, then strain into a glass with ice.

Beer Margarita (original source)
1 lime (cut into wedges)
1/4 c Coarse Salt
2 bottles (12 oz each) Favorite Beer (chilled)
1/2 c Concentrate Lemonade
1/2 c Tequila
How To:
Rim the glass with the lime and salt to start off. Stir the lemonade, beer and tequila together in a pitcher with ice, and then pour into the prepared glass with ice. Garnish with a lime wedge to feel artsy.

There are many other drinks to make and list, but with the Showdown date coming up I simply don't have time to list them all. So hopefully you should have clear idea on what to make for your next Football Event Party. Just remember, whether your teams wins or loses...its just a game.

Don't you just hate it when people say that? No, no..."Lets Go (insert team here)!"

In fact, Weird Al Yankovic has the perfect song just for your team...

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