With the closure of businesses around the state, I'm sure there are more than a couple of people who an expiration date coming up on their license and are worried about what will happen since they can't get their license renewed or updated. Do not panic. There is a silver lining in this and that is that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that expiration dates for DL, CDL, and other forms of I.D have been waived so efforts can be focused on COVID-19 rather than fining an expired license.

Now, if you are someone who is currently trying to get their license do not worry because the Texas Department of Public Safety is available, but by appointment only. The offices of the DPS will continue to remain open so those seeking a CDL can still acquire one. Along with the DPS staying open, temporarily waiving expirations dates (temporary because permanently is unrealistic), Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has ruled that drivers will not be penalized for not getting their vehicle's title or registration renewed. For more information on this, check out the article by KXAN by clicking here.

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