In a virtual town hall, Texas Governor Greg Abbott addressed the public on COVID-19 concerns. He is assuring the public that steps are takin place in an attempt to counter the spread of coronavirus. One such step is the executive decision to ban any social gatherings of more than 10 people. This means that any and all inside dining is shut down and this also prohibits visits to hospitals and other health care facilities. The only exemption to the health care places are people who actually work at the facilities themselves and conduct work.

Back to the closing of dining-in places, even though dining-in isn't allowed you can still go through the Drive-Thru and have food delivered to your residence. So you can still order from your favorite food joint, but you won't be able to sit at their table or bar. You can still go out, buy some supplies, order your meal, sit at your own bar and bare the title of both patron and bartender. Let's see your favorite restaurant let you do that (and if your favorite restaurant is already where you bartend then you are cheating in this scenario and are thusly barred from the hypothetical situation). If you would like to read more on the public addressing by the Texas Governor, click here for the article written by KXAN.

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