On Monday March 16th, Texas' Banking Commissioner, Charles G. Cooper announced he was allowing state chartered banks to close all or part of their offices due to the COVID-19 outbreak;

“Banks will take the necessary measures to continue meeting the financial needs of their customers and those affected, while protecting the health of their employees,"

- Charles Cooper.

Local banking institutions like New First, who closed their lobby Thursday said that "all services offered through the lobby are available through the drive-through."

So if you're headed to the bank, you'll likely be diverted to the drive- through and you will likely need to include additional wait time while in line in the drive-through and banking guests and tellers and operators get acclimated to offering their services being exclusive to drive- through in the weeks ahead.

Additionally, local banks like Frost Bank and TDECU have closed their lobbies until further notice. Again, most services offered to guests in the lobby will be available in the drive through. It will just take some extra patience and possibly extra time.

If you haven't considered online banking as an option, now is a good time to reevaluate if online banking is right for you. Most banks offer online banking options making driving and waiting in drive- through lines obsolete.

If you have any questions you are encouraged to call your bank.

If online isn't right for you or not offered by your bank, plan for adjusted wait times and as a friendly health reminder, it's a good idea to bring your own pen.

Business Insider has some additional tips to keep the line flowing faster.

If you're interested here is a quick clip by Discovery Education on how pneumatic tubes ( banking tubes) work.

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