People visiting the beach of the Texas Gulf Coast have to worry about rip tides and shark attacks. Here in Victoria, no one has ever been injured by a shark. We checked.

Baby Sharks, on the other hand, are another issue altogether.

The Baby Shark song drove a lot of parents crazy. It seems to have died down a bit, but it resurfaces occasionally, and the mayhem starts all over again.

The popularity of Baby Shark, not just in the US but worldwide, is phenomenal. Pinkfong, the company behind the craze, reports selling tens of millions of plush toys and over 200 million books.

Now the innocent craze is not so innocent. More than 7 million Baby Shark-themed toys are being recalled. It's not the bite that gets you with these sharks.  It's the top sharkfin.

Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing and Swim bath toys are being recalled after 12 reports of children falling or sitting on the regular-sized toys.  The result has been impalement injuries, lacerations, and puncture wounds.

Nine of the injuries required stitches.

Photo: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission
Photo: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

To check to see if your Baby Shark toy is recalled, see if the fin is made of hard plastic with three grooves. The affected toys have the model number "#25282" and a date code beginning with the letters "DG" followed by dates from Jan. 5, 2019, through June 19, 2022, represented in the format "YYYY/MM/DD".

These toys were sold in Victoria at Walmart, CVS, Dollar General, Target and on Amazon.

Photo: United States consumer Product Safety Commission
Photo: United States consumer Product Safety Commission

To receive a refund of $14 for the regular version and $6 for the mini, in the form of a pre-paid virtual credit card, cut or bend the fin, write "recalled" and other recall information on the body of the hard and send a photo to the company.

Unfortunately, the maker of Baby Shark still refused to pay for therapy for parents who have gone crazy from hearing the song over a million times in any given day.

There's always hope.

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