Earlier this year in June, we learned that Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers was coming to Victoria! Now we see that construction has really amped up on Houston Highway and there is even a Freddy's vehicle in Victoria. Because I am such a big fan of Freddy's, I reached out for more information about when it's opening. Freddy's is planning to open its doors by the end of December! Let the countdown begin.

The location of the New Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers will be at 2111 Houston Highway. It will also be the first smash burger restaurant option in Victoria. Located between the Burger King and Grace Funeral Home on Houston Highway. I can't wait to order a Freddy's Original double combo with chili cheese fries and an order of cheese curds. Yes, I will finish all of it!  There are also plans to open Freddy's in Aransas and Calhoun counties.

Speedy Stop on Houston Highway just recently opened and a new Murphy's gas station is currently being built at the corner of Houston Highway and Delmar.  It's nice to see so much development on Business 59(Houston Highway)


The construction for the new Longhorn Steakhouse at Victoria Mall is well underway. The foundation has been poured and the parking lot resurfaced not only around the new Longhorn Steakhouse but also the new Murdoch's store that just opened at Victoria Mall! . There is also a Cookie Crumble coming to North Navarro as well. Development is happening all around Victoria.

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