With Victoria's traditional fireworks show at the Victoria Community Center POSTPONED and with Patriot's Park CLOSED for the weekend, local firework vendors are seeing an increase in sales.

There are few things you need to know before the July 4th holiday begins and you light fireworks to celebrate.

First and foremost, "Lighting fireworks in the city limits is STRICTLY prohibited," Victoria Fire Marshal, Tom Legler, offers. " We recommend only adults light fireworks" he says. He then follows with something we never considered, " Sparklers are not safe. They burn on average at 1200 degrees."

Sparklers can get hot enough to burn some metals and make up for over 50% of firework injuries for CHILDREN 5 yrs. and younger.

Unfortunately even the most experienced pyrotechnician can have a deadly accident and we've all seen videos of fireworks gone wrong for even the average enthusiast, so we thought it was a good idea to relay the TOP FIVE firework safety tips straight from the National Safety Council.

  1. Only light one device at a time
  2. Stay a safe distance away after igniting
  3. Never ignite a device in a container
  4. Do not try to relight a malfunctioning device
  5. Soak used fireworks in a bucket of water for a few hours before discarding

Now if you happen to have a burn, here are the best practices for medical treatment. One way to consider treatment is to consider the THREE C's; Cool - Call - Cover

  1. Cool the wound. Do NOT USE cold Water, cold water restricts the blood vessels which can lead to complications during recovery. Instead, use slightly cool water.
  2. Call 911. It's generally recommended to call 911 if the burn area is larger than the size of your palm.
  3. Cover the wound loosely with CLEAN gauze or bandages.

We've included a " How To" video from Howcast on Youtube. Be safe Victoria and have a great July 4th HOLIDAY. God Bless America and THANK YOU to all that serve. 

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