As word of Victoria county and city parks closing for the Easter weekend were followed by the announcement of 70 total positive cases of COVID-19 in our community, Chief Clinical Officer of Gulf Bend, LPC, Lane Johnson, offers sage advice and humor for getting through the Easter holiday as today's special guest during the Office of Emergency Management meeting.

Lane opens the floor with a question. "How do we get through a weekend we aren't accustom to?" Pausing shortly he says, "The first thing I want you remind you to do is breathe... we will get through this and we will learn some things from it."

Our minds abruptly stop to ponder his words. We will get through this and we will learn some things from it.

Lane offers later that we should take three, fifteen minute breaks a day, to sit quietly on our own, and just breathe, reminding us that, "There are a lot of things happening that we can't control right now... we can't control the pandemic, we can't control the parks closing or not being able to have our Easter picnic, but... we can control our attitude." Additionally offering. " We are ALWAYS in control of our attitude, and our attitude determines our perception of things. Our perception of things is our reality. Your attitude right now is far more important that the pandemic."


This does give pause too doesn't it? But, so does his advice on breathing.

When was the last time you took a break today, much less three, just to breathe? I don't know that I've taken a deep breath consciously in over a month. It felt amazing when I tried it. Just now. Hopefully, you are doing it now too. I bet it would make Lane's day knowing you were taking deep breaths right now.

"We need to embrace the reality that this holiday isn't going to be like the way we are accustom to celebrating it, but that is okay," Lane continues, "It's not about "MY Easter picnic," offering later, "Pandemics do not discriminate." Instead, Lane suggests "embracing" it with the determination that you are going to get through this holiday safely. "You know what you can't do, so figure out what you can do instead," adding later, "If you are sad, it is okay to be sad, talk to someone about it." Lane additionally offers some humor, "Put it into perspective though, it's going to be stressful, but... holidays are often stressful and disappointing's not really so different after all, is it?" 

We all chuckle at the truth in his statement.

" See, look for ways to laugh," he smiles.

As the floor is opened for Q&A, Lane laughs out loud in spite of himself offering, "I'll be happy to dodge any questions you might have."

Thank you Lane.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please don't hesitate to call the Mental Health Hotline at 833 986.1919

To view today's OEM meeting in it's entirety, including Chief Clinical Officer Lane Johnson's coping suggestions click here.

If you are looking for 15 ways to make your Easter eggs perfect, click here. Otherwise, just making them fun is really all that matters. Thank you to Daily Fails for their photo and video.

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