You see some amazing stories scrolling through your social feeds and here is another example!  4th-Grader, Garrett Gazda, has been deeply troubled by what the innocent are enduring in Ukraine and wanted to help out. What did he do? He sold his toys to raise money. How awesome!   Garrett auctioned off some of his very cool, very gently used, toys to raise money for this refugee crisis. With his mom's help, Garret's Toy Auction was created online!  The response was huge, you can see the original post below. 

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Garrett's mom, Megan was happy to post this status yesterday...

"Through the kindness and generosity of so many wonderful hearts - family, friends, and people he’s never even met - Garrett was able to raise $1,550 through bids and pure donations to his cause. The funds Garrett raised have been matched 100% and a $3,100 contribution has been made to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis via American National Red Cross!"

Though we all know the reality of th"is contribution may only be a drop in the bucket for what the Ukrainians will need going forward, it certainly has done a heck of a lot for encouraging a 10-year-old kid that he can make a difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you’ve given.

The Gazda's would also like to send a thank you to KPRC in Houston for giving them a little boost in their efforts.

While the auction is already closed, check out some of the awesome toys that Garrett parted ways with for a great reason. What an awesome young man!

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