Yes, you read that title right.

Bigfoot, otherwise known as Sasquatch (for those that like to spell it fancy), is often sighted in Texas with just slightly under a thousand sightings in Texas last year alone according to the Travel Channel and the Houston Chronicle.

Back in May of 2019, the Travel Channel released a new never before published list of the Eight Best Places to Spot Bigfoot provided by actual tracking data and yep you guessed it, Texas made the list at number eight with Washington ranking number one. So, Bigfoot likes to travel North in the winter. We still say he could be Texan!

Now you might be wondering about this "actual tracking data."

We are so glad you asked.

The BFRO, that is, the Big Foot Field Research Organization, is tracking Bigfoot sightings in the hopes to better understand this elusive creature. Founded in 1995 they are the "only scientific research organization exploring the Bigfoot/Sasquash mystery."

This year, less than 300 sightings have occurred in Texas, which can only mean he took social distancing to a new level. Or maybe he just isn't as ready to Reopen Texas as fast as Gov. Abbott is. Regardless of why he has been more aloof this year, we can only say " Hey Sasquatch (because we like to spell it fancy) Texas wants you back!

The BFRO hosts Bigfoot Expeditions and they may have one for Texas in the future. In the meantime, here are a few FAQs from their website to keep you in the KNOW when it comes to all things Bigfoot.

#1. There was a DOCUMENTED sighting of Bigfoot in Victoria in 1997. Documented as a Class B sighting, according to the report there were "footprints discovered, crashing in the underbrush nearby along with a strong odor."

#2. No one knows how many Sasquatch exist. The informed estimates range from roughly 2000 - 6000 individuals for all of North America (which includes all Canada and southern Alaska).

#3. Sasquash means " wild man" and Native Americans Indian tribes across North America have more than sixty different terms for the sasquatch.

There is so much more information on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization webpages, giving even more thought to Bigfoot, their origins, and if they might have a Texan accent.

Just kidding about the accent.

Happy tracking!

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