When I was 16, I couldn't wait to get my driver license. In my family, we had 6 kids and I was the youngest, so I didn't get to use the car very often. We all had to share. It was a few years later when I was able to get a car of my own. It was a rather beaten up 1974 Subaru DL (or, was it a GL?) The heater didn't work, the driver's side door panel was nonexistent, and the window was actually held closed by a piece of 2x4 which would have to be repositioned on a regular basis to keep the cold air out while driving in a Michigan winter. It may have been a beater, but the engine was good and it got me to where I was going. I added a cassette deck, some home stereo speakers, and I was rollin'. What do you want for $500?

Several years later, I graduated to a 1973 Toyota Celica, my never say die car, a '74 Oldsmobile Cutlass, a boat I got from my boss for $300, a '78 Datsun B-210, and an '83 Chevy S-10 pickup. I've had a few more since then, all bought used. But I was thinking about my car ownership history, and it got me wondering. Do you remember your first car? While you're reliving those memories, enjoy this classic from Adam Sandler.