Crestwood Drive between Navarro Street and Laurent Street is now open to traffic in both directions.

The reopening concludes Phase II of the Crestwood Drive reconstruction project.

During the coming weeks, Crestwood Drive will experience lane closures from time to time as crews make minor adjustments. However, the road will remain open to travel in both directions.

Phase One of the project, between Ben Jordan Street and Laurent Street, finished in April 2021, and Phase II began the same month.

Phase III will begin March 6 and will last approximately 500 days. Crestwood Drive will be closed to eastbound traffic between Navarro Street and Main Street during this time.

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Here are some of the features of the newly repaved road:

·         Concrete paving: The new smooth concrete road will be easier to maintain than asphalt.

·         Improved utilities: Crews went beneath the surface to replace the old cast-iron water lines and concrete sewer lines with PVC piping, which will last longer and save the City from having to dig up the road later.

·         New sidewalks: For the first time, the reconstructed section of Crestwood has continuous sidewalks from one end of the street to the other.

·         ADA-compliant features: The sidewalks include sloped curbs and tactile paving (raised bumps that alert visually impaired pedestrians to upcoming streets).

For more information, contact Engineering at 361-485-3340.

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