This movie is so frightening you'll be scared out of your pants without even seeing it.

Here's a clever way to promote interest in the upcoming horror flick Rings, which is the sequel to the hit The Ring. While out shopping for TVs, customers were pranked when the girl from the film climbs out of a set and into the store. It's a bigger surprise than the 27% interest you'll have to pay on a 60-inch screen after your no-finance period ends.

Buying a TV these days is already a challenge -- do you go with plasma or LCD? Sony or Samsung? Do you really need that stupid audio bar Roger the salesman keeps saying is imperative to have? Installation costs how much? Seriously, we've come light years since the days when you just bought a TV, brought it home and plugged it in. Now, there are more wires involved than when diffusing a bomb.

The last thing you need to deal with is a wicked case of PTSD brought on by a movie studio trying to drum up interest in a film that will be on TNT before you make that final payment.

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