A new survey came out that Governor Abbott is very glad to be at the top of.

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A recent study conducted by Laffer Associates and the American Legislative Exchange Council was trying to find the best governor in the country. How do you determine the best? They took a look at things like tax policies, state spending levels, handling of COVID-19 funds, union regulations as well as health and welfare spending.

I want to get this out right here before I get called out on it. Just a heads up that both of these organizations that conducted the survey are known conservative groups. So, you may think these are a little biased results. However, it's not like all Republicans are at the top of their list and all Democrats are at the bottom.

In fact, Colorado Governor Jared Polis made the top ten best. He's the only democrat in the top ten. The bottom ten does have two Republicans. Mike Dunleavy of Alaska and Jim Justice of West Virginia. So maybe they're being fair in their survey, I just know someone would call me out if I didn't bring this up. Governor Abbott released the following statement on being number one on the list.

"Texas’ success is made possible by the men and women across the Lone Star State who work every day to provide for their families and drive the Texas economy forward," said Governor Abbott. "The Texas model emphasizes personal freedom and fiscal responsibility because it is the proven method to spark innovation, encourage economic prosperity, and create a better quality of life. Working together to protect taxpayers and expand opportunity, we will continue to build an even brighter future for all Texans."

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