Jerry says he planned on having fans at AT&T Stadium and he said the Governor has given him the green light.

Governor Abbott announced awhile ago that outdoor sporting stadiums in Texas could open at 50% capacity. Since AT&T Stadium can open up the end zones and roof, I guess it can technically become an outdoor stadium. About two weeks ago, Jerry said he planned on having fans for home games and it looks like that has now been confirmed.

"Absolutely. Absolutely," Jones said when asked if he'd gotten that proverbial green light from Abbott. "We're excited about it. He's excited about it. I'm excited that he's excited about it. We all know the importance of leading the way."

"Certainly we've got the ability to lead the way to a more normal type of activity throughout it, whether it be economic or it be social," he said. "This is a great opportunity to do that in a very safe [way.] We're very unique in our stadium relative to just space." Jerry did not officially announce he would be going with 50% capacity, just that fans would be in the stadium.

The Cowboys open the season on the road. Their first home game is scheduled September 20th against the Atlanta Falcons. The Cowboys will be opening the season in Los Angeles in the brand new SoFi Stadium. Although the Rams have not made an official announcement about fans in the stands, they started selling cardboard cutouts this week. So probably not a good sign if Rams fans were expecting to check out the new stadium.

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