Top Ten Texas Tree Trimmings! Say that five times fast!

Because, y'all know nothing says 'I love Texas' more than a Texas-themed Christmas tree. There are so many great Texas-themed ornaments out there, it was very hard to choose only ten, much less our top ten, but we did our best!

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Here ya go folks, our top ten list of Texas tree trimmings, just in time for Christmas.

Top Ten Texas Ornaments

Just to make ordering easier for y'all, I've included the links to each of the ornaments. Just click on the blue and it will take you right to the order forms.

Merry Christmas Crossroads!

State of Texas Ornament - UT COOP.

No Place Like Home- Walmart

Someone in Victoria Loves Me- Wal-Mart 

Tin Armadillo-Vivaoaxaca Folk Art

2020 We're not Taco About It- Etsy

Capital of Texas- Prellop Fine Art 

Bluebonnets on Glass- Etsy

Longhorn- Amazon

El Arroyo- El Arroyo 

2020 Victoria- Amazon

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