It's easy to get caught up in an April Fools' Day joke when it has not occurred to you that it is April 1st. For many, the day is just not even on the radar. If you are still 12-years-old at heart then you may wait for April 1st the way some wait on Christmas morning. For most of us, April 1st is just a busy first day of the month. Maybe that's why it's the perfect day for shenanigans? Nobody sees it coming.

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If you are a practical joker, then this day IS Christmas. In Texas, El Arroyo might be as much of a prankster as anyone, but if you didn't know what day it was you might have fallen hard for this one as we did.

The morning started out with the news that the sign out front that helped make El Arroyo famous over the years was now MISSING! Now that is taking 'April fools' too far! The disturbing news came from El Arroyo themselves just after 9 am this morning on Twitter as you can see below.

KXAN in Austin reported the sign missing just before Noon on Thursday and by then I was starting to get texts. For about 90 seconds it occurred to me that maybe the restaurant themselves did something with the sign. Maybe they would reveal it later? I still had not made the April 1st connection. If someone up and stole this sign, I would think the line of people plotting some of their own Texas justice probably already reached far across the state.

 A lot of Texans saw that tweet this morning and went off to work shaking their heads. Some people, including this author, were downright pissed off. Who would steal the sign? That's my go-to page for a funny pick-me-up. Jeez. Well, then it happened. And I was reminded it was April Fools' Day.


It's not easy to find something on social media as funny and as Texas as the El Arroyo sign. For many, the sign provides its own joke of the day much like the old 'Far Side' calendars use to be something you would take the time to look for. Friends all over Texas enjoy it. We should have known it was a prank. They got us good!

What other pranks did you fall for today? Share them in the comments section on our social media page so we can share the laughs.

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