Looks like this woman was using the local youth baseball league as her own personal piggy bank.

52-year-old Jennifer Sue Witteveen will be spending sometime behind bars after what she did to the Mansfield Youth Baseball Association. She was the association’s treasurer from January 2012 to July 2018. In that six year span, she was able to steal $295,000 from the league.

As with all of these cases, these people are eventually caught. When confronted about the missing money, Jennifer said she needed some money to pay for her medical bills. Which was true, two percent of $295,000 was spent on medical bills. What about the rest? She spent $22,000 on Amazon purchases and almost $50,000 on fast food and restaurants.

Yeah, she was using this place for frivolous things and not just some late hospital payments. Jennifer pleaded guilty to a first-degree felony theft charge, and Judge Elizabeth Beach sentenced her to eight years in prison. Judge Beach also ordered Jennifer to make restitution payments to the association.

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