In a video that has now gone viral. you see a coach from a Little League team in Abeline, Texas, pushing an umpire to the ground after making a call that he didn't agree with.  As reported by FOX 4 KDFW, a team of 10-year-old select baseball players is now banned by a major North Texas tournament organizer. All because a coach couldn't keep his cool. This is extremely unfair to the children who love the sport.

The incident happened while the Little League game was being streamed live!  The video is now part of the assault investigation, according to The Colony police. In the video, home plate umpire Sam Phelps called a player safe at home. Phelps, who was treated at a hospital and released, says he has neck pain. The Texas Phenoms coach is Robbie Johnson has been banned from the 24 Sports organization.

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For the athletes on the team to continue to play, all coaches must resign and the team change its name.  According to the article, Coach Johnson did say in a phone interview that he takes full responsibility for what happened and in no way condones attacking an umpire.

As for the umpire, Sam Phelps, he, was scanned for a concussion and released from the hospital Saturday evening. Hours later, he decided to press assault charges and filed a police report with The Colony.  "If there are no consequences, this can continue," he said. Parents and coaches, please learn to control your emotions, I see these kinds of stories pop up on my social feed and it is absolutely uncalled for.  THANK YOU to all the umpires for all they do!


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