This story comes out of East Houston! According to an article by KHOU, A custodian was arrested after a co-worker accused him of giving her a sexually transmitted disease when he urinated in her water bottle at a Houston medical office building, according to court documents and a video that caught him doing just that!  Now a total of 11 other potential victims have come forward and are continuing to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

This happened at an office located on Westmont Drive near the East Freeway in east Houston. According to the article, the victim told investigators that in late August she got water from a dispenser but explained that it had a funny taste and smell to it. She dumped out the water and threw her water bottle out.

She then started bringing her own water bottles to work. She explained to the police that she would bring a water bottle to work and if she did not finish it, she would leave it at her desk for the next day. A few days went by after the incident with the sour water from the dispenser, she noticed the water she brought from the store smelled nasty as well, court documents state. She then threw the water bottle away but said she could never figure out what it was. It was only after someone smelled it, they realized that it smelled like urine.

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A urinalysis was done on the water by the doctor the victim worked for, which confirmed their suspicions. Lab results also confirmed that the victim had contracted a sexually transmitted disease, which she did not have prior to the incident, according to court documents. The suspect also tested positive for the same disease and a second one as well. Read the full story by clicking here.

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