As far as I know, there has been three top-prize scratch jackpot wins in Victoria this year. Back in July, a $1,000,000.00 scratch jackpot was sold in Victoria! The ticket was sold at Walden's Mini Mart on Moody Street. The winning ticket was the $20 Million Dollar Loteria ticket. This was the 9th $1 million jackpot ticket in this series.

In May, a $500,000 Texas Two-Step Lotto Drawing single ticket matched all 4 numbers AND the bonus numbers. The ticket was sold at the 7-11 on Sam Houston Drive.  In case you bought your Texas Two Step numbers there. Here are the winning numbers 6-8-24-29 with a bonus number of 24. 
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In January a  $5 Rose Gold scratch ticket with a top prize of $100,000 was sold at the Snax Max at the corner of Navarro and Mockingbird. That winning ticket did not match any of the numbers, it was an auto-win money pot symbol! Imagine seeing this when you scratch for your prize.  

Lotto fever is heating up once again, no one has matched all the numbers for the Powerball Lotto in weeks. Players will get another chance at the ever-growing prize on Wednesday, Oct. 19. The jackpot currently sits at $508 million with a cash value of $256.3 million. If you remember back to the summer of this year, Lotto fever took over with a $1.377 billion Mega Millions jackpot.  Two people ultimately won that jackpot and chose to remain anonymous. Here are the top ten Powerball/Mega Millions jackpots of all-time!

$1.586 billion, Powerball, Jan. 13, 2016 
$1.537 billion, Mega Millions, Oct. 23, 2018 
$1.337 billion, Mega Millions, July 29, 2022 
$1.05 billion, Mega Millions, Jan. 22, 2021
$768.4 million, Powerball, March 27, 2019 
$758.7 million, Powerball, Aug. 23, 2017 
$731.1 million, Powerball, Jan. 20, 2021 
$699.8 million, Powerball, Oct. 4, 2021
$687.8 million, Powerball, Oct. 27, 2018 
$656 million, Mega Millions, March 30, 2012 

Current Jackpot: $508 million

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