You've no doubt seen bath bombs by now, they are everywhere! In every department store and every Pinterest DIY board, bath bombs of every color and pattern; a fusion of scented color fun to make every bath a shout out to our childhood memories. Step aside bath bombs, there is a new sheriff in town.

I present to you The New Ultimate... The Hot Chocolate Bomb and they are trending BIG TIME.

hot chocolate bomb

What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb? Think bath bomb, but EVEN BETTER. WAY BETTER. 


And from the first video I saw of this chocolate bomb filled with cocoa, sugar and OF COURSE mini-marshmallows I was HOOKED! 

But don't take my word for it, check out these Youtube video below brought to you by WGN9 and Crafty Not Shifty.

Watch as these new anchors have the EXACT reaction ALL of us have the first time we see a hot chocolate bomb melting in a mug of hot milk. It's visually addicting AND it tastes like HEAVEN. Chocolate HEAVEN.

Now, hot chocolate bombs are hard to find, especially now that the rest of the nation is already experiencing winter blizzards and Texans have only put away their flip flops this very morning. But, they are relatively easy and fun to make. Here is a great DIY to get you started.

Being a little behind the times, I had only recently heard about hot chocolate bombs at a football game two weeks ago, but I have to shout out to Marya Chaney, who concurred with the group as we drooled over the videos that she had ordered hot chocolate bombs online before and loved them confirming our suspicion that they were AMAZING to look at AND to drink! At last Friday's game, she surprised me with one of my very own so yep- she is my best friend now!

If you are a chocolate lover or looking for your next DIY in the kitchen, you've got to try these hot chocolate bombs. You will LOVE them!

Ps. It's also a good idea to make them on your own as the only Hot Chocolate Bombs I could find for sale on Amazon here are almost $70 for just six of them.

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After you make hot chocolate bombs, you've got to try some of these!

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