While Day of the Crêpe is normally celebrated mostly in France, there is no reason why we of the Crossroads Area cannot partake in such a delectable holiday, right? So, before delving into the ways of celebration and different kinds of crêpes, I'll enlighten you with some history of the Crêpe. Well, to know the crêpe's history we need to know the history of the region from whence it originated. It all took place in the 13th Century in the wetter parts of Face known as Brittany. The climate there didn't allow for dry wheat to be used efficiently and so buckwheat was introduced and became a viable solution. The theory is that a housewife around that time was trying to make porridge and accidentally dropped a dollop, or so, onto a flat heated skillet and figured out that the crispy aftermath was delicious. Since then a new kind of treat and custom was created. If you want to read more on it, click here.

Boxwood Avenue - YouTube
Boxwood Avenue - YouTube

Now you might be wondering what kind of custom could come from making crêpes and it is a unique one for sure. Throughout France, there are those who are making crêpes will do so by holding a coin and if they are able to flip the crêpe without dropping the coin, they will have a prosperous year to come. You see, the Crêpe is considered to symbolize prosperity and holding a coin, successfully, throughout the baking of them will result in a prosperous year. Feel like giving it a try? Check out the video below...

Crêpes are divided into two different kinds; Sweet Crêpes and Savoury Galettes. Sweet Crêpes are your pancake-style crêpes that are sweet and used for dessert purposes and treats. Savoury Galettes, on the other hand, are more tart and are more like a crostata with sides folded over with the filling in the middle. For more information on crepes, today's holiday, and other ways to celebrate click here. Be sure to check your local bakeries and see they can whip up a delicious crêpe to help you celebrate.

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