If you are wondering, the answer is "Yes, crush as in crushing cans." This is a day for environmental conservation and recycling. What you should do today is crush some cans, and take them to your local recycling center. For those of you in the Victoria area, take your recycling to Crossroads Recycling Center located at 3007 S. Laurent St. Feel free to check them out on Facebook. You can get a few bucks from your crushing and you can even go buy more canned drinks so the process can continue.


Fun fact, Aluminum was used as a sort of currency back in WWII because of their value and demand. You could trade a ball of foil for movie tickets. Can you imagine doing that today? With movie ticket prices the way they are now? Luckily were are not in wartime and the need for aluminum isn't so drastic, but aluminum is still an important component in numerous appliances, machinery and everyday items.

If you want to learn more about today and what all you can do to help our, click here. So have a great and environmentally safe day.

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