For all those caffeine cravers out there, today is a holiday just for you. Today is International Coffee Day!



And today's holiday is an interesting one because it use to be celebrated in other countries each with a different date. However, that all changed after 2015 and now everyone change celebrate around the world on the same day. I know that may ruin some person's plan of having a global expedition to celebrate Coffee Day in each country, but at least this will save you time.

If you want to learn more about coffee and what you can do to make today's holiday more "celebratetable" (I know that isn't a word but we are going to move on now, okay?) then click here.


Looking for a place in Victoria that isn't a commercialized entity? Then why not make your coffee stop today be Liberty Coffee Haus. To see what they have to offer click here.

While we're at it, why not go ahead and use today as an excuse to make your favorite Cup O' Joe and share it with those closest to you (unless they are not human, and I must say don't do that...unless its a spider. Go ahead and give a little bit of your prized caffeine to your pet spider. Why? Because the effect of caffeine on spiders is a little bit different from us because it makes them drunk. Fun fact, and now you can spread the word. Don't worry its all true. Don't believe me? Click here).

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