Are you a fan of pecan pie? If not, then this isn't the holiday for you to celebrate. Just go on ahead and skip this and hopefully I'll have a different food-themed holiday that is more to your tastes. As for the the rest of you also like chocolate? If you are not a chocolate fan, then again this isn't the day for you (see previous statement about non-pecan-pie-fans). As for the rest of this group, if you are not only a pecan pie fan, but a chocolate fan then this is a great day for you! I present to you...The Unofficial National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day!

While it is unclear when pecan pie became a part of our culinary arsenal of desserts, it is believed to have originated from New Orleans when the pecan nut was introduced by Native Americans. Somehow, somewhere, and somewhen someone figured out how to bake the nut into pie form. To the nameless hero of this great deed, we salute you.

More Chocolate Pecan Pie

Now, it should be very obvious on how to celebrate today and that is by eating a slice (or more if you're to it) of chocolate pecan pie. Now, going out and buying a whole pie may not seem like you're celebrating enough to some persons. If so, then why not bake your own? Here is a recipe for a classic chocolate pecan pie. Like dark chocolate? Then here is a recipe just for you. There are even some recipes that call for an addition of an alcohol to give it that extra kick. For all the different kinds of recipes out there, its best to find one that fits your interests and aligns with what is in your kitchen.

For more information on today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here. In the meantime, I hope you have a sweet day filled with fun, joy and pie (even though fun and joy are synonyms for pie).

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