Think of something you are exceptional at doing. Do you brag upon performing your skill, or do you take the "High Road" and not boast? The latter is called being humble and today's holiday is all about that. The Dictionary defines humble as "having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance." Another word for it is humility.

Being humble is the foundation of being a good person. Superman was a pretty humble guy and hardly boasted to the public about his greatness (because we all know Batman would take him down a peg or two in order to humble Superman. And why? Because he's Batman) Now I'm not saying you need to have super powers in order to be humble. Any skill you have that not many are capable of is something to be proud of. However, showing that you are not consumed by your own ego is a good way to make friends.

While we're at, don't just focus on yourself. Recognize something that someone close to you is really good at doing. Let them know you notice their abilities and show them you pay attention. This can also be a good test to see if they can take a compliment and not get a bigger head in the process. Let's call it a Friend Test. If they pass, keep 'em. If they fail...well they're your friend, you choose. If you want to learn more about today's holiday, click here.

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