Apparently, a lot of things. Safewise created a survey asking Texans what crime concerns them the most and here are the results. 

Violent Crime 

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52% Texans
41% National Average 

Violent crime is more concerning to Texans compared to the national average, but why? Texans are worried about violent crime, and maybe, rightfully so. In just one year, violent crime rates in Texas went up 7%.

Gun Violence 


53% Texans
38% National Average

Texas gun violence in 2022 was a heartbreaking issue and residents have clearly been affected. According to Safewise, 61% of Texans involved in their survey admitted they worry about gun violence in their state every single day. 53% even reported they were worried about gun violence happening directly to them.

Property Crime

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61 % Texans
42% National Average 

Property crime is a concerning issue to many Texans. In fact, Texas comes in second as the state most corned about property crime. However, the rate of property crime in Texas fell by 6% in a year.

Package Theft

Oxana Muli Unsplash
Oxana Muli Unsplash

54% Texans
45% National Average 

Nothing is worse than coming home expecting your prime package to be on the porch and realizing it's been snatched up. 45% of the US are worried about package theft versus an astounding 54% of Texans who are worried about the same thing.


Here is a list of the 10 most dangerous cities in Texas. If you're not on the list consider yourself lucky.

10. Galveston

9. Alamo 

8. Beaumont 

7.  Amarillo 

6.  Lubbock 

5. Livingston 

4.  Houston 

3. Bellmead 

2. Palmview 

1. Humble

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