Do you like tortilla chips? Then this is the day for you! How do you like your tortilla chips? Smothered in cheese? Doused in Guacamole? Submerged in Salsa?  Everyone has their own way to enjoy tortillas, but finding new ways can lead to different culinary experiences that open your eye to new styles and enjoyment.

Do you prefer store bought or homemade tortillas. Not sure because you've never made homemade? Well, here is a recipe that you may find helpful for some homemade tortilla chip goodness. So find out which kind your prefer and how you like to eat them. Are you a hot salsa person? Do you enjoy lots of cheese or a little? Maybe you can mix it up. Here is a recipe for homemade spicy cheese dip for your chips.


Go out and celebrate today's holiday through the consumption of tortilla chips. If you want to learn more about today's holidays and other ways to celebrate, click here.

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