Mosquitoes. We hate them. What more needs to be said? After every rainstorm there seems to be an explosion of mosquito swarms and fighting them off is no easy task...or is it? Here are a couple helpful and simple ways you can keep down the bites your just itching to scratch:

1) Try planting Catnip around your house. You may look questioningly at this one, but hear me out. Catnip can be distilled via steam to create the oil which is a great mosquito repellent. And, the oil won't be irritating to your skin if you have an allergy to the plant. The oil (though derived from the plant) doesn't have the same qualities and can be put on skin without reaction. However, if you live in a cat-populated area you may want to rethink this one.


2) Lemongrass Oil is another good mosquito repellent. You can buy the oil in stores (or online), or you can plant it around your house if you don't mind the lemon scent. This Asian-plant would make a great substitute if you don't want to plant catnip around your house.


Granted planted right now is probably a little too late, but you may want to think about starting to plant some mosquito repelling vegetation around your place during the next mosquito lull. However, there are more ways to repel mosquitoes than just planting things. There are numerous ways you can prep yourself and household for the inevitable blood-sucking pests. If you want to learn more about other methods of repelling mosquitoes, click here.


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