Another day, another holiday. Were you aware of today's importance? Well, you should be. In fact, today is a momentous day to show off your skills in the kitchen. Have a secret recipe you have been dying to bust out? Then go for it in honor of the holiday, National Cooking Day.


National Cooking Day isn't just about cooking old recipes, but learning something new or sharing what you know with someone else. Make tonight a special occasion with your significant other and cook them a dinner worth remembering. Perhaps both of you can cook something up together? Get into the spirit of the holiday and go Kitchen Crazy.

Activities of today include:
Cooking your favorite meal
Having a Potluck Party (yeah, I know it's Tuesday but you never know unless you try)
Cooking with others


To more about today's holiday, click here.

And remember, the smoke alarm is not an indicator of the food's preparedness. There is nothing wrong with cooking meals with others. If they group manages to set off the smoke alarm, then at least you failed as a group...or the smoke alarm is too sensitive and needs to be relocated until after the meal is ready for consumption.

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