Its that time of year, where dark figures step out from the shadows to haunt your every dream. The ghoulish appearances, the ghastly wardrobes, the...hyper-sexualized fictional characters?

Okay, we need to talk. Every Halloween there are multiple persons who have come under the impression that Sexier is Better. I would like to be the voice of dissension in that opinion. While it is sometimes funny to see crazily designed fictional characters come to life in "interesting" costume ideas, I think there should definitely be a line you shouldn't cross.

Frat and Sorority parties? Sure, okay. I'll concede that such costumes could be acceptable there, and only there. Taking young children to a party? No. Just...just stop. Let's all agree there should be a certain level of class when it comes to Post (and even Pre) college Halloween parties.


Have a good time and dress appropriately
Put some effort into your costume or if you are unable to get a costume then make one and be clever

Wear half a clown shirt and call yourself "Sexy Pennywise" (apparently that is a thing)
Dress for reaction (instead, dress for interaction)


Not a long list, but I think the message comes across quite well. Have fun this Halloween with (hopefully) some shred of Modesty.

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