How's your weekend going? Is it going well? Bad? Meh? How about starting some some At Home Bartender projects? If that sounds like fun, then you've come to the right place. For all of those persons of 21 years and older this is just for you.

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Cowboy Coffee (original source)
1 ½ oz Tres Agaves Blanco Tequila
½ oz Tres Agaves Cocktail-Ready Organic Agave Nectar (just in case you don't have any home, just click on the ingredient to find where you can buy one)
1 oz Coffee Liqueur
½ oz Bourbon
½ oz Apricot Liqueur
Garnish – Coffee Beans, Sugar (both crushed and mixed together for rim of glass)
How To:
Rim the glass with the garnish mix of coffee beans and sugar. In a separate glass, combine the ingredients and ice and stir it up, then strain into the rimmed glass and enjoy.

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Hurricane (original source)
2 oz Light Rum
3 oz Dark Rum
6 oz Passion Fruit Juice
6 oz Orange Juice
2 tbsp Grenadine
Garnish – Orange Slices, Maraschino Cherries
How To:
Combine the ingredients into a large container, like a pitcher, and stir. Then pour the mixture into a glass with ice and garnish with an orange slice and cherry, there’s enough for multiple drinks so feel free to share…or not, it’s your choice.

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty Shot (original source)
½ oz Crème de Cacao
½ oz Peppermint Schnapps
1 oz Cream (Recommended: Irish Cream)
How To:
Combine the ingredients into a glass with ice and stir then strain into a shot glass. I think it goes without say that the follow up is to drink and enjoy, or enjoy the creation first by looking at what you accomplished and then drink.

All, if not most, of these drink ingredients can be found at your local liquor store. Townsquare Media and JACK-FM do not condone underage drinking and encourage you to drink responsibly. Have a safe and fun weekend!

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