A Texas family got the shock of their lives this past weekend.

John and Katharine McClain out of Livingston, Texas, just northeast of Houston, were likely sleeping when early Saturday morning when havoc began to formulate just outside their doors.


A relatively naked man was caught on their security cameras approaching their quiet home early that morning. The man went towards their vehicle and began to check the doors to see if one was unlocked. After having no luck with McClain's vehicle the man moved on to the next potential victim.

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That's when they woke up. The troublesome man had broken into their neighbor's pickup truck and taken off in it. The sound of the man driving off woke the couple up and soon, their dog Archie began to investigate the situation that just unfolded.


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Their security cameras catch Archie heading outside towards their shed. He begins alerting the McClain's by barking at something in the shed. Soon John made his way to investigate what had caught their dog's attention.

That's when John began yelling for Katharine, who quickly runs towards the shed. The couple had discovered why Archie had tried getting their attention. Laying right behind the shed door was a baby. Katharine said her husband instructed her to “call 911 quickly there’s an infant in here."


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She wasted no time and quickly called for an ambulance. While on the phone, the dispatcher assured Katharine it was okay to pick up the baby. So Katharine took the baby from the shed and wrapped her up in a towel, as they waited inside for an ambulance.

“I was pretty frantic and just shocked it’s still kind of got me a little bit,” said Katharine. The baby was airlifted to Houston. As for the car theft, turns out it was the father of the abandoned child, and he was caught and charged with abandoning or endangering a child.

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The McClain's hope the father reflects on this situation and "cleans his act up." Katharine even talks about taking in and caring for the baby girl, “I just want her to be happy and live a good life and, you know, if they gave her to me, I’ll take her in a heartbeat and she’ll never have any worries again,” said Katharine.

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