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As car cameras become more common place, it's not unlikely we will continue to see more moments like this one, captured on a dash cam, seconds after a truck with a trailer crashed into a vehicle in front of him causing the entire truck and trailer to flip over an overpass outside of  Dallas. The truck bed, the truck and the trailer burst into flames as it crashed onto the road below.

Warning: The content is graphic and many of the eye witnesses who immediately stopped to render aide to the truck driver were visibly shaken, even hours later, not just by what they had just witnessed, but knowing that in the seconds they saw the truck burst into flames and hit the ground, it was unlikely the truck driver could have survived.

The accident, caught on film right outside of a Dallas freeway proved to be fatal to the truck driver, who likely died on impact.

This video was provided by ABC8 on YouTube.

As witnesses gathered around helpless, traffic came to an halt while police and firemen worked to extinguish the fire and to render aide to the eye witnesses, some who were reported to have been crying since the moment they saw the crash.

WSFA reporting one eyewitnesses who was northbound on the service road when the accident happened, witnessed the truck falling right in front of her.

“I went home and I just started crying," the eye witnessed offered. “I felt like my life, I felt like I died with that person because it was so close. “It was just horrible,” she says.

The driver of the truck has not yet been identified, but sources at the scene offered that the cargo he was carrying were packages and letters some that had USPS written on them. WSFA reports. It is also unclear at the time who was at fault.


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