No one has said this is even a thought for El Paso but, it happened in Philadelphia.

The Governor of Philadelphia ordered a chain of liquor stores to close in order to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. I'm not sure exactly how that will help but, that's what he did.  If that were to happen here, and you were given notice, what would you load up on?

I keep my beer fridge pretty well stocked so the Coors light inventory is always good. If I thought stores that sold it might close, however, I would absolutely go and get more along with a couple of bottles of silver tequila as well. (I prefer Hornitos if any of you are thinking of sending me a gift or anything. Just sayin'...) I used to be a big Rumpleminz and Fireball fan but, I got a little tired of those. Not that I won't drink them, just taking a break.  Anyway, that's about it for me I guess ... beer and tequila. I'm a simple man.

What about you? What would you go "toilet paper crazy" at the liquor store for?

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