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What a challenging time to be a student. When you think back on your own days in high school or even college, can you imagine adjusting to all the changes that today's students are dealing with? If you have stayed with it and rolled with the punches to continue your education we certainly applaud your efforts no matter what level of schooling you are at.

Students at schools all over Texas have been struggling to deal with in-person vs remote learning and the difficult tasks of going back and forth for some over the course of the school year. While your diploma will be well worth the efforts, there is some good news locally over at Victoria College.

Vice President of Instruction Cindy Buchholz commented in a Victoria College Press Release the school is planning to offer 60 percent of fall classes "face-to-face". It's great news as this level of in-person learning has not been available since before March of 2020. Buchholz said, "Appropriate measures will be in place to ensure the health and safety of our students and employees.” Just 25 percent of the spring classes have been available as in-person learning according to the school.


Victoria College President Jennifer Kent said in the news release that, "We will continue to offer these alternative methods, but we’re excited to offer more face-to-face classes this fall to help students move a little closer to a sense of normalcy."

There have been 128 cases of COVID-19 reported by VC in March of 2020 with 35 of those cases including staff members. Follow the Victoria College covid-19 dashboard online.


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