The Jack in the Box employee who shot at a family in the drive-thru lane is now speaking out about the situation.


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Alonniea Ford-Theriot was caught on camera arguing with Anthony Ramos in a drive-thru window at Jack in the Box in San Antonio. Ford-Theriot is seen pulling out a gun and walking away. 

 A few moments later, Ford-Theriot and Ramos begin throwing food at each other through the window. Suddenly, Ford-Theriot pulls out her gun again and points it at a vehicle, which has Ramos and his family inside. 

Ramos quickly speeds away and Ford-Theriotis seen shooting her gun at the vehicle, however, she quickly jumps to defend her actions and clears the air. 


FOX 26 Houston Youtube

According to Ford-Theriot, she never fired her gun. "I'm not going to pull out no gun and shoot at somebody over no curly fries. Come on," Ford-Theriot said in response to the allegations. However, the video clearly shows a flash indicating a shot was fired. On top of that, Houston police found a spent shell casing at the scene.

Ford-Theriot claimed that Ramos was yelling at her and throwing racial slurs, however, the surveillance video does not have audio to back up the claims.


Ford-Theriot was initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of deadly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Ramos and his family claim they were exposed to a dangerous employee and were traumatized, resulting in a civil lawsuit between Ramos and Ford-Theriot and the company that employed her, Jack in the Box.

She and the restaurant still face the civil lawsuit, in which Ramos and his family claim they were exposed to a dangerous employee and were traumatized.

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