When you think iconic voices of the 90s, you have to throw this guy in there for sure.

Allow me to be a little nostalgic this morning, but man the 90s has some very memorable things for me. One of those eras of my childhood was when Mortal Kombat came out. This was the first time I remember parents being worried about video games. I legit remember we couldn't even talk about it at my one friend's house because his mom was worried about the violence.


Ahhhh precious memories of exploding my friends or ripping out their spines. One thing we all remember from that time was the guy screaming MORTAL KOMBAT.

That guy's voice is burned into my brain. Turns out, that guy actually lived here in Texas over in Longview. His name is Kyle Wyatt and he took the acting gig in New York for the commercial above. He thought he was just going to be one of the extras running around, but the director wanted to get different people to yell the phrase Mortal Kombat.

Kyle said it took him several tries to get what the director wanted. ‘Now, I want you to feel like you’ve been hit with all the weight in the world — in your gut — all the problems, and then I want you to yell this phrase,’ “ Wyatt said the director told him. “I don’t want you to say it. I want you to yell this phrase from the bottom of your gut — Mortal Kombat!

The rest, is history. Kyle's clip from that commercial would go on to be used in the Mortal Kombat movie, the iconic techno song from The Immortals, and all these years still used in Mortal Kombat advertising. He said he was just happy it paid that month's rent, he had no idea it would blow up like it did.

Kyle no longer lives in Texas, but did graduate from Longview high school and Texas A&M. By the way, Texas A&M needs to put that in a brochure. The Mortal Kombat voice guy went here. If you want to read more about Kyle, you can do so in the Longview News Journal when Kyle caught up with his old hometown newspaper.

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