Video Games

Victoria GameStops In Possible Jeopardy
In an attempt to save money and prevent going out of business, GameStop has decided that they are going to shut down 230-250 stores nationwide before the end of March 2020. The story is that sales were down big time during the holidays due to "gamers" waiting for the new releases of the ne…
It’s A Mario Day!
Jump for Joy! It's Mario Day! That's rights, there is a holiday set aside exclusively for the Princess-Saving Italian-Plumber whose adventures range from side-scroller, to sports, to 3-D Open-World game play. March 10th is Mario Day because the fans chose this date...
10 Hardest Video Games Ever
If you’re up for an old school level of insane difficulty, these 10 hardest video games ever will make you want to hurl your own face through the screen.

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