JACK's been thinking......it would stink to be Tuesday.  It's the one day of the week that no one says anything nice about and it's the one day of the week that no one says any thing mean about.

Facebook has daily droning about the days of the week.  Everyone hates Mondays.  They're coming off the weekend and they can't  face their disappointment of their jobs.  Or, they are the optimists and Mondays are a new beginning. 

Wednesday is the "hump day".  Middle of the week.  Half way to the weekend.  Wednesday is loved by many.  Thursdays are a big day.  The last day before Friday.  Everyone love Thursdays, because Friday is the next day.  And it can go without mentioning, Saturday follows the Friday that everyone is looking forward to and then they have one more day to enjoy on Sunday.  But Tuesday is the loner.

You never hear anyone say "yeah baby, it's Tuesday!  The second day of a  miserable week!"  Nothing really happens on a Tuesday if you think about it.  Election day is usually on a Tuesday.  Senior Citizens discounts are on a Tuesday.  City Council meets on a Tuesday (boy, there's something to throw you into a coma).  The President of the United States delivers his State of the Union address on a Tuesday.  Sometimes the World Series has a game on Tuesday.  But for the most part, Tuesday could easily be eliminated from the calendar.  It's just a boring day.  JACK wouldn't doubt that people born on a Tuesday are boring and have boring names and boring jobs and boring lives.  Just a theory.

So, since we can't eliminate Tuesdays, lets begin celebrating Tuesdays more often.  Maybe there's a reason they call it Fat Tuesday. right beore Lent  It's the only time Tuesday has any prominence.  Perhaps it should be a national holiday.

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