Video clips from Friday’s Motley Crue appearance on CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ have surfaced online, showing the band in fine form as they discuss a wide variety of topics, from heroin addiction and an incident that somehow involved IVing Jack Daniels to their current sobriety (Vince Neil admits he still drinks occasionally — which we already knew).

The Crue stopped by ‘Piers’ briefly on Thursday to announce an upcoming residency in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in February of 2012, then returned Friday for a longer segment that offered a bit of a peak into the life of Motley Crue.

Nikki Sixx says his heroin addiction, which he chronicled in ‘The Heroin Diaries,’ started because heroin “was just there.” He continues: “We wanted to experience everything and I have a very addictive personality and those things don’t go together well. I had to get away from it. All that stuff makes you who you are today.”

Sixx says he quit after multiple trips to rehab and multiple overdoses. One day a “light just went on and it was over. I never picked up again. It was hard. I had to go through withdrawal. I knew it didn’t want this. I loved my band. I didn’t have any family back then. I didn’t want to throw it away.”

As for those IV injections of whiskey — well kids, as Piers Morgan says, don’t try this at home. “We thought it was a good idea,” Sixx told Morgan. “I went to sleep quickly. It only happened once.” Drummer Tommy Lee then goes a long way in verbalizing exactly what everybody was thinking at home: “There was really no reason to inject it,” Lee says.

Watch members of the Crue discuss the dirty details of their former Motley Crue lives in the video clips below.