As always, it is fun to bring up the old days in my Throwback Thursday series. Today we revisit the final football game in the storied Victoria Stingaree-Stroman Raider Rivalry.  Just thinking about those games brings back so many memories. Cars parked as far as the eye could see on Miori Lane and Airline. Bleacher were brought into each endzone and people were standing on the hills to handle the over 10,000 fans that would pack Memorial Stadium every single year! The buzz and energy from the game carried over afterward and the City was absolutely jumping until early Saturday morning.


The Crosstown rivalry lasted 31 years, with the final game being played in 1999, before the school board voted to consolidate on Sept 30, 1999. The overall record for Victoria's original rivalry was 24-8 in favor of the Victoria Stingarees. The final game went to the Victoria Stingarees, who overcame a 14-13 halftime deficit and defeated the Stroman Raiders 53-21. How many of you went to the finale game? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this status.  Stingarees for the win on the field and the Raiders for the win with the big band sound. We also cannot forget about the Raider Belles and Victoriadores.  I am currently looking up rivalry stats for the baseball, basketball, and volleyball squads.

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The very first game of the rivalry was played on November 5th of 2010! Of course, the very first matchup took place in front of a mega-sold-out crowd at Memorial Stadium. I remember it was such a big deal that the Fox Sports Network featured it as the Dairy Queen Game of the Week.  Who remembers?  The city was electric! The East Titans have the edge with an overall record of 7-5 leading into this year's rivalry.
The 2022 East/West Rivalry game is set to meet for the 13th time on Friday, November 4th. That makes this year's game the season finale. This means this year's game will come with added drama and playoff implications. Last year, the boot went to the West Warriors with a 63-46 victory over East.  East will be the home team this year


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