Exactly one year ago, I made a list of the worst roads in Victoria. Although there is a lot of road construction in Victoria not much has changed with our list.  Since last year we have seen the completion of the Navarro and Houston Highway Medians plus the repaving of Navarro and Houston Highway, respectively. The Crestwood project will correct that road and Stoltz has been made a dead-end, which means fewer people are using that thoroughfare, and I am not sure that current construction on the Airline will take care of the rollercoaster of a road. Here is the 2022 list of the worst roads in Victoria. Stolz Rd was removed because of the recent construction of the dead end.

The last patch job on Armory Dr was a few months ago and here is what it looks like today.  It's actually holding steady because it's not raining. This is appreciated considering that we have to use this road a whole lot now that the median is in use.


Other changes in Victoria during the past year. Two traffic lights have gone live, the corner of Morning Glory and Navaro and also the new light at the HEB on Rio Grande.  There is also a new light waiting to go live on Houston Highway near Citizens Hospital. Not sure about this one.

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Why do potholes keep forming? Potholes are formed when groundwater seeps underneath the pavement, when vehicles begin to drive over the road, the road will begin to loosen and break as the water tries to escape.   However we are in the midst of a very dry spell with little rain, so we find that most of these problems are not new and still have not been fixed!




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