It's storm season in Texas and that means power outages can happen. Looks like that's what happened over the weekend for this Texas high school, but the show still went on.

Congratulations to everyone that graduated this year. I know this year and last year was definitely a different educational experience than the one you were used to. At least you can tell your story that you were a part of the class that graduated during the Covid craziness.

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Another thing these graduates were stressing about, was the weather. I think a good majority of Texas graduates had to deal with that this past week. Right here in the Crossroads graduation ceremonies took place over the weekend at Memorial Stadium.

Just south of Waco, Bruceville-Eddy High School was probably glad their graduation ceremony was indoors. The storms over the weekend got so bad, parts of the town lost power. This included the auditorium where the graduation was taking place. Nowadays, everyone has a phone, which means all of us also have a flashlight.

Everyone in attendance pulled out their phones and lit up the auditorium. This created enough light in the venue so the graduation could go on. You can check it out in the video above. Also, to my second grade math teacher that said I wouldn't be walking around with a calculator in my pocket to do math... I got a calculator, flashlight, and so much more.


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