How brave are you? Can you face the icy cold waters from Winter? Would you like to dive into cold waters for charity? Because that is what Polar Bear Plunge Day was created for. Think of it like the Ice Bucket Challenge, but instead of pouring a bucket of it you jump into a pool of ice cold water (sometimes with ice in the water).


This is a popular New Year's Day event in the northern hemisphere, like the Netherlands, U.K, U.S, Canada (because there is icy cold water up north). These events are monitored, so please do not attempt this alone. The Polar Bear Plunge is usually done in large groups with EMT's on standby (just in case).


So, grab your most gullible (or brave) friends and family and take the Polar Bear Plunge. Just remember to have very warm blankets and dry clothes waiting for you when you get out. Unlike polar bears, you don't have two layers of fur and four inches of blubber to keep you warm.

If you want to learn more about today's holiday and how else to celebrate, click here.

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